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Vikor Georgina - Szarvasok olajfestmény

Painting? To order? YES.

What is the procedure of ordering a painting? Would it be suitable for you? These are the questions I am going to answer.

In the near past I was asked to make a painting for a 40th birthday. The painting now decorates the family’s living room. The customer did like my pictures, the style, colours I use. However, she wanted something more personal.
Before ordering a painting it is important that the person has an original liking of my paintings. A painter of course has a good knowledge of his or her craft and could paint in the style of others. However, as for myself, I feel it rather pointless. In one word, if you like my pictures but need something more specific, then it is a good starting point for considering an order. 

The next important decision is the ‘where-what-what size’ questions. Answering these is definitely the client’s responsibility. Considering the following questions might be helpful: What is that I would love to see every day on my wall? What is that could give me good feelings, even inspiration for my days? Should it remind me of somebody or something? In the case of this particular order, the topic was given: deer. Fortunately I truly like animals; therefore, I could easily picture myself spending hours with deer on the canvas. However, if someone wants a topic I cannot tune in with, I do not accept the order. If a painting does not come from heart, it cannot be a good painting.

I received a few photos about the flat, other pictures on the wall. These can be very helpful for finding the right colours. Then I created a few sketches to choose from. Once the size and the topic are agreed on, I can give a price quote and a deadline. If all is fine the excitement begins. For everyone. Questions and dilemmas. Will they like it? Is it what the customer imagined? From the client’s side: will I like the finished painting? The deer were successful. So why would not be yours too?

I am always happy to receive enquires.